The class room will be called Kookaburra after the ISG’s iconic Kookaburra lo

After several months of planning the ISG team has pushed the button to turn the first shovel full of dirt . The project has been set out in four stages and if the project goes to plan will be finished in mid June 2013.

Managing Director of ISG Garry Pinder stated Africa has been good to our business and we hope to do the same back to Africa. Most of the Children at the Zariki school are orphans and we are also looking other projects at the school.

Garry Pinder and his business partner Michael Horne visited the school in January this year whilst on a mining conference and where touched by the school children . The children sang their school song along with other songs to the ISG team.

The project will be managed by both the head teacher Michael Odero and Jonathan Cheres , pictured with the kids at Zariki.

CFO of ISG Julie Boden stated this project is hopefully only the start and we are looking forward to helping more over the next year.

Coming soon will be more photos of the project and update on the progress.

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