Pit to Ship Solutions supply rotainers all across the world. Rotainers are vital in the transport of minerals as they allow for a seamless process. Pit to Ship Solutions offer them for:
-Ships Cranes
-Reach Stackers
-Mobile Harbour Cranes
-Ship to Shore Cranes

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Rotainer or Tippler
What is the correct name? The first tippler/ Rotainer build was in South Africa over 40 years ago. Since then there have been several companies who have built these rotainer devices for the unloading of minerals with containers into a ship’s hull.

How Do Rotainers Work

The rotainer device tips the container in a 360 deg rotation emptying the product from the container. Some rotainer devices only rotate 180 deg and return back to their loading position without turning the full cycle.

A rotainer can be used for many types of minerals and they come with different brand names.

These container rotation systems are mainly purchased by the ports that load the ships. A rotainer can also be used in storage sheds to unload the minerals before being placed on a conveyor belt for loading the ship.

Rotainer / Tippler

Many people call the rotainers: tipplers as the meaning is basically the same the container is rotated or tipped using this machine.

So what name is correct, rotainer or tippler? Both names are correct as they rotate and or tip the minerals from the container, so if you require a container rotation system for your loading facility call ISG and we can provide you with a rotainer.

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