Case Study 14. Waste Containers

Case Studies Series – 14 Waste Containers

ISG has a large range of waste containers in their fleet. In 2019 ISG was successful with a tender for waste containers for the moving of contaminated soil.

  1. The containers were tested to rigorous standards and are in operation today being transported by road from the contaminated site to a disposal area.
  2. The containers were designed by the ISG engineering team to the customer’s requirements.
  3. The ISG engineering team designs various types of equipment for all modes of transport including Road, Rail and Sea.
  4. The containers are for Intermodal Operation – Road and Rail. Can be double stacked on Rail. Perfect for operation with ABC Car rail wagons.
  5. The containers are IMDG Bk2, DOT and ARR Compliant.

So if you have a waste problem that needs a solution call our engineering team at ISG.