Side Tipping Containers

Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG) has developed a range of side tipping containers, that can be used with side tipping trailers for discharge of the cargo.

These containers can be used for wide range of bulk cargos such as mineral concentrates and ores

The container can be used with existing facilities that have truck tipping machines, or they can be used with side tipping containers.


Key Features

  • Side Hatches
  • Optional Pneumatic or Hydraulic actuation of hatches.
  • Hard lids or Tarpaulins.
  • Optional Flexitop cover.
  • Manual roof latches
  • Optional Internal Linings
  • Optional Rear hatches
  • Stackable
  • Fully intermodal
  • Half height or custom height.

Advance Testing

ISG are able to perform a wide range of testing at our manufacturing facility.  This testing not only includes the standard container testing but also we perform advanced BK2 testing, Cycle testing and Destructive testing.

We have also performed a wide range of simulations with real cargo to ensure the containers perform as intended.  This is very helpful with customers who need to move straight to production.

Suit Existing Truck Tilting systems

ISG Side tipping containers are designed to be operated with tilting trailers or truck tilting systems.

Our design has allowed customers to easily move to a containerised bulk handling system, whilst still utilising existing port infrastructure for tilting trailers.

Adding pneumatic opening of the hatches, allows the operator to open the side hatches from the cabin of the truck.