Heavy Duty – High Cycle rotainers

ISG is the Global market leader in the design and manufacture Heavy Duty Open Top Bulk Containers (rotainers) with very high payloads, for high cycle operations.

The containers are the perfect choice “Shed to Ship” operations.  A small fleet of containers can be used in high rotation to load a vessel.  Replacing conventional ship loaders or grabs.    The containers are built to operate 100 to 1000’s of loads in their lifetime.  Using a rotating spreader, you could load 20-30 containers loads per hour into a vessel, achieving load rates of up to 1,200 Tonnes per hour.

ISG will customise the container to suit your application, cargo and desired payload. The container could be used for a wide range of cargo such as salt, mineral sands, grains, coal and numerous other cargo types.

The Heavy-duty Container can range in height from 1, 450 mm (Half Height) up to 3, 000 mm depending on the cargos you would like to load.  The container comes with all of ISG unique features such as our Patented Hard lid and Special Flow Gussets on the corner castings.  The container is certified to BK2 requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Dangerous Goods Code.  (IMDG Code 2018).



Key Features

  • High Payloads up to 42,000 kg
  • Specialised casting and twistlock system can achieve up to 50,000 kg payload
  • Designed for very high cycle operation
  • Designed to be suitable for wide range of cargo density
  • Waterproof removable hard lid which eliminate dust during transit
  • Optional Roof Loading Hatches and rear tipping hatches
  • Smooth Internal walls with gussets and Anti-abrasion paint for clean discharge
  • Oversize containers available for low density, high payload requirements.
  • Designed and tested for operation with Rotating Spreaders (Tipplers)

High Cycle Operations

With ISG Heavy duty containers, a fleet of containers can be used to replace conventional ship loader and grabs. Load rates of 1000~1200 t per hour can be achieved per crane.

ISG customers have used a fleet of 25 containers, to load 30,000 Tonnes of cargo into Panamax Size vessels.

Maximise Utilisation on Road or Rail

The heavy-duty container allows operators to achieve maximum utilisation of allow road or rail axle limits. Ensuring each and every trip is carrying as much cargo as possible.

Every country and network is different, ISG’s engineers have experience with road and rail projects around the globe and will work with our customers to develop the most efficient container possible.