Flexitop Containers

ISG pioneered the innovative FLEXITOP® Retractable Tarp Open Top Container. The container includes a sliding tarpaulin that can be operated from the ground. The tarpaulin can open and close within 10 seconds, compared to the normal 30 minutes of standard open tops.

The Flexitop® is used extensively in Australia and New Zealand with coal and grain cargos.
ISG will customise the container to suit your application, cargo and desired payload. The container could be used for a wide range of cargo such as grain, coal, Salt, Mineral Sands, etc.

The Flexitop® top is suitable for operation on Road and Rail and is perfect for applications where there is limited container handling infrastructure, such as collecting cargo from the farm.



Key Features

  • Retractable tarpaulin
  • Easy operation from the ground when unit is on a truck.
  • Opens and closes in under 10 seconds
  • Watertight
  • Stackable
  • Front tipping hatches
  • Optional rear doors or side hatches.
  • Suits Bulk Cargo and General Freight (Palletised)
  • Easy to maintain

Farm to Rail Distribution

Flexitop ® containers are perfect for collecting cargo from multiple locations with limited infrastructure. The container can be delivered to the farm on a truck, and the farmer can easily open the tarpaulin, and then load the container.

The Flexitop® can then be returned to the to the logistics hub and then handled with standard container handling equipment. The Flexitop is suitable for road and rail transportation.


Customised Flexitop ®

ISG can customise the Flexitop to suit your specific application. For example for Smiths Crisps in Australia , we received potatoes via top loading, and then front tipping hatch for discharging the potatoes.

We also added read doors to allow palletised finished “Crisps” for delivery to the supermarkets.

For our customer in Vietnam, we added side hatches for easy unloading of wheat and rice cargo.