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The team at ISG can assist with the type of specific rotainer your project requires. Each commodity has different product densities. The rotainers are BK2 complaint, so suitable for transporting dangerous cargo on Road and Rail. Below is an example of the differences between commodity densities:


Once the density is supplied, normally by an MSDS, the engineering team can advise what height rotainer you require.

ISG can sell the rotainers making this a CAPEX or they can hire the rotainers making this an OPEX.

What is a rotainer?

A rotainer is a container that is rotated to be emptied, making them perfect for unloading materials off of a train, truck or ship directly into another ship’s hull, minimising dust, spillage and other methods of product loss. As a result, you’ll find that rotainers are the perfect solution for transporting goods such as copper, zinc, iron ore, coal, wheat, sugar and urea. 

Rotainers are also available in various lengths, heights and widths, so no matter what product you’re shipping, you can guarantee that there’s a rotainer for the job.

Changing trends

The industry has now come to use the generic word rotainers to describe the rotatable containers that are used with the tipplers to unload their bulk cargo. Whereas the word “container” continues to be used for the non-rotatable containers.

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rotainers are quickly becoming the preferred choice for containerised bulk handling as they minimise loss of product, prevent products from affecting the environment and can be used to ship a number of materials. Talk to ISG about purchasing rotainers to use with tipplers for your port or business today.

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