20’ Bulk Open Top Shipping Container

Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG) specialised 20’ Open Top Containers for Bulk applications are purpose build for the harsh conditions in Australia.

Features include:

• 1200mm High rear tipping hatch
• Hatch locking mechanism is operated from the side of the container
• Hatches fi tted with “Grain Locks” for maximum safety on road and rail.
• 5mm thick Steel fl oor plate
• Defl ectors fi tted to top rails of container
• Fork pockets for loaded lifting
• Can be fi tted with Tarpaulin
• Heavy duty construction for harsh products like Coal.


External (mm)
Length 6058 (20’)
Width 2438 (8’)
Height 2591 (8’6)

Internal (mm)
Length 5820
Width 2276
Height 2786

Max Gross 31,185 kg
Tare 3,130 kg
Payload 28,055 kg
Cubic Capacity 32.1 cum
Stacking Test Load 27,430 kg


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