Case Study 3: Australian Mineral Sands Projects

Case Studies Series – 3 Mineral Sands

The Task

How to move mineral sands from a mine in Broken Hill for export via a Port in Adelaide, Australia. The journey totals 600 kms from Broken Hill to Port Adelaide via rail.

The Solution

Supplying 1,750 x 20’ bulk mining containers suitable for tippler de-cantering, delivered in time into Adelaide for the loop to start.

The Logistic Process;

  • The containers are loaded at the mine site.
  • The lids are placed onto the containers.
  • The containers are then railed to the port.
  • The containers are stacked and waiting for the ship to arrive.
  • When the ship arrives, the containers are taken to the quay side to be unloaded via a tippler.
  • The containers are taken back to the mine to start the loop again.