Case Study 16: 20,000 Containers Painted with Hempel

ISG celebrates their 20,000 bulk mining containers being made. Concentrate, grain, bio-mass, fertiliser, moved from Pit to Ship for blue chip companies.

Congratulations Intermodal Solutions Group, it has been a fantastic journey we have taken together, from the very first unit. 20,000 times you have trusted our brand and services, it has been a very joyful collaboration. We are very proud to have supplied our coating system both exterior areas, but more importantly the interior areas with superior flexible though epoxy coatings – Hempadur Multi-Strength 45751 and Hempadur Conterior 47751 to all your mining containers produced over the last 8 years.  

  • Designing a coating system for such heavy usage containers was not a standard job:
    • But listing to your varied operational requirements from all over the world
    • Keeping in mind the capabilities of the Chinese manufactures
    • Accepting the relative thin steel used and possible surface preparation
    • We landed on what we all know today was the right solution
    • All 20,000 units have performed above expectations

Thank you ISG for letting Hempel be your trusted partner.

Very best regards

Kim Scheibel

Group Segment Director, Container

Ports, logistic and mining companies around the world have converted to the environmentally no product loss system. Ask your engineering consultant to discuss the container / tippler option on your next project making it greener and less expensive.