Case Study 17: 2020 – A New Decade

Case Studies Series – 17

Will your company move with the times or stay in the past. The global future for environment, productivity & safety in the logistic, storage and ship loading business. The user friendly system that maximises efficiency and productivity, a new standard with a well earned reputation.

  1. Ask your logistic and ship loading manager why your commodity is triple handled and you have product loss with a look and feel of the 90s.
  2. Ask them why they use storage sheds, big bags and conveyor belt systems that are an echo of a past era.
  3. Ask them why the following mines and ports have converted to the containerised bulk handling system with zero product loss, at a fraction of the cost that exceeds industry standards.


These ports are “Anything but traditional”

  • Angamos
    • Capability to operate one ship with 3 mobile harbor crane simultaneously
    • Safe and clean operations for the environment
  • Copper
  • ATI Copper
  • EPA – Copper
  • Mejilloner – Copper
  • (PVSA) Puerto Ventanas – Copper


  • The port of Mariel – Copper


  • The port of Matarani – Copper


  • The port of Rosario – Grain
    • Terminal Puerto Rosario (TPR) a key gateway hub for handling all types of import and export cargo became the


  • The port of Manzanillo – Iron ore, Copper
  • The port of Guyamas – Copper


  • The River port of Gravatel – Urea
    • Inicio de la Exportación de Urea a Brasil Puerto Quijarro – Bolivia


  • Arizona double stacked Rail transport (Savage) – Copper


  • Waste Containers


  • Point Noire Congo – Iron ore


  • Port Kembla – Copper
    • Sampling & Grading
  • Flinders ports – Mineral sands
  • Flinders ports – Copper
  • The port of Newcastle – Copper
  • The port of Townsville Two way loading Sulphur and Copper

Containerised bulk handling system, Because we believe the environment matters. ISG Containers, Quality construction throughout, Powerfully built with a twenty year life. Minde, Sealed and Delivered, ISG Technology.