Case Study 4: Argentina Grain

Case Studies Series 4 –  Argentina Grain

With grain being one of the most important commodities in Argentina, Terminal Puerto Rosario (TPR) is a key gateway hub for handling all types of import and export cargo, becoming the first terminal in the world to use Containerised Bulk Handling to export grain.

Here’s how it works:

  • Grain is loaded into open top containers at the grain facility.
  • Lids are placed on containers and then taken by road to the port.
  • At the port, the RAM revolver, a rotating spreader picks up the container and automatically lifts the lid of the container.
  • Once within the ship’s hold, the RAM Revolver rotates the container, gently tipping out the grain.

The CBH system cleverly uses the containers as a method of transport, making use of storage, unloading with low capital expenditure and short set-up time with no need for expensive silos or warehouses.

The Head of TPR commented:

“We are very pleased with the CBH grain system as it allows a much cleaner operation and the flexibility of the system with no silos or conveyors on a berth is a big plus for the port”.