Case Study 13: Supplying bulk mining containers to 7 mines

Case Studies Series – 13 Supplying bulk mining containers to 7 different mines in Australia, Central West NSW.

In 2019 / 30 ISG supplied over 1,000 containers to 7 different mines moving copper concentrate into the ports of Newcastle and Pork Kembla.

The last batch is being made in November and will be delivered in early 2020. Each mine held their own separate tender process and ISG was successful in all 7 tenders. The containers were designed to take the maximum payload on rail.


ISG will be celebrating their 20,000 bulk mining container coming off the production line with one factory early in January 2020.


The ISG containers have a life expectancy of 20 years so when you are looking at the big bag scenario or storage sheds and conveyor belt systems, check out our system and compare the savings.