Case Study 15: Loading & Transporting Sulphur

Two way Logistics and ship loading using BK2 patented bulk mining containers and container tippler. Rear hatch unloading one way tippler unloading the other way.

Case Studies Series – 15 Loading sulphur at the port and transporting to a mine site 950 klms away

  • The loaded containers leave the port for the mines site 950 klms away to be unloaded by the rear hatch.
  • Sealed containers leave the port, Clean logistics.
  • Once the sulphur is delivered to the mine site the containers are cleaned and then back loaded with minerals, from the pit to the ship 950 klms.
  • Once at the port the containers are stacked and used as storage sheds until the ship arrives.
    • Note how clean this storage process is. Containers terminals turned into bulk terminals with very little investment.
  • When the ship arrives the containers are uploaded by the tippler into the ship’s hold using the ISG patented lid lifter. No dust in and no dust out.
    • Note how the containers have options for rear hatch unloading or tippler unloading, the ISG hybrid bulk mining container was the first of its kind in the world to have this ability.

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