Case Study 8: Moving copper concentrate from a mine

Case Studies Series – 8

How to move copper concentrate from a mine in Prominent Hill South Australia and rail to the port for export.

Use existing rail with 1,800 specially designed bulk mining containers.

  • The containers were specially designed by the ISG engineering team headed by the General Manager Matthew Chalmers.
  • The containers were the first in the global market to be certified ti IMDG BK2 and ADG7 dangerous goods code.
  • The bulk containers are designed for minimum product hang up which includes curved gussets in all corners, and tapered side and end walls.
  • The containers are designed to be suitable with a tippler, and include a pioneering lid which is automatically locked and unlocked by the tipplers.
  • The new containers designed with a removable lid and used with the innovative Rotating Tippler allows the customer to export its copper concentrate to a high environmental standard.
  • The containers have  been in services now since 2012 and have an estimated life of 20 years.
  • The train leaves the port with the empty containers on their way back to the mine site to start the loop again.