Case Study 11: Moving copper from mine in Chile to Puerto Ventanas for shiploading.

Case Studies Series – 11

Moving copper from mine sites in Chile to Puerto Ventanas (PVSA) for ship loading.

Using the ISG patented design containers, the rail company leased the containers from CS Leasing (CSL) making this an OPEX not a CAPEX.

  • The hybrid containers are the first of their kind built by the ISG engineering team so they can be decantered by a tippler or rear hatch.
  • The green containers are from the Andina mine and are loaded with copper on the train in Rancagua and railed directly to the port.
  • The blue containers are from the teniente mine and the containers are loaded with copper on trucks then driven to the rail sliding at Los Andes and transferred to rail wagons.

The loaded containers are then delivered into the port by rail. The containers are then railed to the port for ship loading. So if you have a project that makes more sense to be an OPEX rather than a CAPEX tap into our leasing business.