Case Study 9: Moving copper in Chile

Case Studies Series – 9 Moving copper in Chile from a mine site to the port.

Antofagasta Region Chile

ISG Containers

  1. The containers are stacked at the port
    • Pablo Hojman (Commercial Manager Puerto Angamos)
      • We realized that this was a very interesting alternative, because it allowed us to use our terminal to transfer bulk cargo, operation which we are not able to do until then. And additionally, using the same equipment we have today. It allows us to offer our clients an interesting and attractive solution with a short implementation period that makes business sense to the customer and us.
  2. Containers are lifted up by the cranes
    • Ram Revolver
      • The system achieves a productivity of over 1,000 tons/hr
  3. Containers is rotated in the ship’s hold
    • Juan Carlos Morales (Engineering and Maintenance Manager)
      • Operation with minimum dust release. This equipment is very easy to maintain. Its operation, in general terms, is based on the same principles as the normal spreaders. Training of the technicians, in our case in Puerto Angamos have opted to develop in-house specialized technical skills. In regards to after-sales service, we have implemented improvements and innovations together with the team. The dust suppression barrier is activated through nebulization