Case Study 5: Peru Copper Export

Case Studies Series 5 – Peru – Copper Export

The task: how to move copper concentrate from a mine in Peru 5,000 meters above sea level to a port in Matarani, Peru, over 900 kms away.

The Solution

Supply 1,800 ISG bulk mining containers. The containers are loaded at the mine site and then moved by road to a rail transfer station 400 kms away.

At the transfer station the containers are unloaded onto the waiting rail train. The train then rails the containers down to the port 500 kms away. When the train reaches the port, the containers are unloaded by the RAM tippler into chutes that convey the copper out to the waiting ship. The lids are automatically removed by the tippler, the first time since their placement at the mine site, no dust in, no dust out.

The containers are then taken back to the mine site to be reloaded and start the loop again. Thinking outside the square: Mined, Sealed and Delivered, ISG Technology.