Coke & Anode Bulk Shipping Container

In 2009 and 2010 Intermodal Solutions engineering team worked with ARG a Division of QR National to develop a unique container.

The Coke and Anode container is designed to transport coke and coal one way, and then Copper anodes on the return leg.

These containers are in service for XTRATA mines and refi neries in far north Queensland.

Features are:

  • Smooth Internal Walls, 3mm Thick
  • Steel Floor – 5mm Thick
  • Large Tipping Hatch fi tted with grain locks.
  • Heavy duty racks for carrying packs of Copper anodes,
  • Side access doors for loading of Anode Racks.
  • Heavy lift fork pockets.
  • Stackable empty and loaded.
  • ISO dimensions for universal handling.